January 11, 2019 I got a call from First Lady Laurene this evening asking me to convey this message about Winter Chanupa scheduled for next Saturday January 19,2019. The weather is suppose to continue to be bad to travel next Thursday and Friday.

The weather has been stormy and cold with black ice on the roads.  One of her granddaughters got into an accident and totaled her car, she is a little banged up and grandma is taking care of her. It looks like the weather is going to continue to be bad and it will not be safe to travel.

In times like this, Chief Danny John walks into the Sundance Grounds and prays for all of us who could not make it. If you were planning on driving all night to make it to pipe ceremony please don’t, the roads will be too dangerous. Gather with your family’s load and pray with your Chanupas.

Be safe.

Donations always welcomed please send via Walmart to:

Laurene John  – New Mexico –

Then call or text Laurene to let her know your name, which is needed to verify sender.


Atl Gonzales



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