All my Relations,

Chief Danny and Laurene are still having to look in the snow for wood to keep warm,  I read there was the first ever Snownado  that touchdown in Navaho  country. My relatives as we get older this cold and heat can get to us.  I image the price of wood has gone up and maybe even scarce. I send what I can to help out, but it is never enough so if you can help donate you can go to a Walmart near you and send a donation it would help during this harsh winter. 

Send to:  Laurene John in New Mexico – text or message Laurene the your name and location of your donation .

Peace and Dignity

Anabel Gutierrez and Sal Reza have been appointed to the Peace and Dignity Council and are working hard to continue the Sacred  Continental Prayer Run.  I have been working on the Peace and Dignity website to help coordinate everyone’s efforts,  please register to keep up to date on how you can help as we prepare for 2020.

The community of ELA is in need of some prayers as there has been a rash of killings by the LA Sheriffs department we are going to run the sacred staffs and pray for a  healing, guidance and  Peace and Dignity between the sheriffs dept and the community of ELA . Please keep us in your prayers.



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