This year at Little Big Medicine Sundance we were able to meet and talk about several things that needed to be taken care of and about how we were going to do things from this day forwards.  Chief Danny John and his family worked for months on fixing the arbor and having things ready for everyone to come to the Sundance to have a strong prayer and we all agree that is all our responsibility and we would make an effort to do more work before the next Sundance.

One of the other  things we spoke about is to support Danny and Laurene monetarily that it is getting harder and harder to survive these days without money especially when you live on the Rez (sad but true).

The traditional way of life is under attack, sheep and horses are being confiscated,  fences are have been torn down that use to keep the sheep and and other stock safe and manageable this makes it hard to trade and live the traditional way .

We talked about some of us possibly committing to a monthly donation like a $10, $20, $30 dollar a month donation.  There was much said but for now if you can send any donations please do if you use ZELLE   for now use  email to donate.

Thank you in advance,





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