My relatives in these times of confusion, we realize how precious and delicate life is and especially how precious our elders and teachers are. Chief Danny John and First Lady Laurene John along with their grandson Jaynos and Summer came and helped us with the Peace and Dignity Preparation Ceremony. During this time it seems that the world had changed while we were in the 4 day Ceremony March 16-20, 2020 on the Cahuilla Reservation. Thank you all who helped and participated. Because of the current situation, Chief Danny John and family will be taking care of the Chanupa Ceremony on April 4,2020 for all of us. Keep them in your prayers, fill your Chanupa and send a prayer of unity, health and guidance for the world. If you can help they will have to travel and get supply’s for who knows how long.

Love, Health and Happiness, to All Our Relations,

Cheif Atl “Atlachinolli” Gonzales First Lady Cristina Gonzales

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