We have a few reminders about reserving camping spots.

1. Reserved is reserved! There are some areas that are reserved for the purpose of keeping accessibility to the kitchen, lodges and arbor.

2. As of right now there are only about 5 reserved camping spots! Due to the elements there may be wear and cause reserved lines to break, this is why we ask Campers to call and remind us so that we can check on your reserved area. If needed to put your reserve lines back up.

3. Do not rope off large areas unless it is approved by LBM Security, Chief Danny John or First Lady Lavine. We have to share the camp grounds and it is not possible when people are roping off areas more than they need.

4. WE HAVE TO, think of the Elders(70+ and older) and disabled, we have to think of their safety and allow them to Camp close to the Arbor.

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