Rising of the Spirit of the Eagle
The request for preparation of the ANKA eagle staff came was commissioned by the family of
Anahuac, at the end of February 2018, to the Coordinating Council of the Ruta del Sur. his
The uprising would take place in Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego; where the condor route begins
KUNKUR in every continental ceremony, since the year 2000.

Complementing in this way also the spirit of the prophecy of unity of
Condor and the Eagle; why the Inuit people of Alaska; Many moons have already been delivered
the staff of the condor to Tawantinsuyu.

Assuming this assignment, the Ushuaia coordination of Days of Peace and Dignity,
calls for a first meeting with the Yagan Paykoala Community (men from the beach)
canoe town originating from the southern coasts of the large island of Tierra del Fuego.
Those who suggest will consult a major; knowledgeable about local geography; through its
walk in search of traces of the native peoples of the area, who
He generously offers his knowledge of the area’s forest.

“The lenga generates its soil, its form depends on the environment. In the forest the renovales
they look for the sun, and for the renoval to grow there must be a great one protecting it.
When a large tree falls; self-thinning occurs that allows the growth of
the new generations. The bark of the trunk when young has lines
horizontal, and at maturity vertical lines are made; it’s thick. The size of the
trees do not have to do with age but with their possibilities of growth; in the
search for the sun that its branches make. ”

Thus, the invitation to meet a lenga tree located near the city arises
of Ushuaia in the Rio Chico Valley; that could witness the ancestral memory of
these lands in approximately 500 years of life. We started the road then
suggested, to meet the spirit of the forest that had called us. We arrived to
his presence at the foot of the Sphinx hill having traveled a path guarded by
several hills and following the course of the river that leads to the Cascada de los amigos.

A few meters away from this greater spirit, we received hundreds of butterflies
little; white that fluttered with a subtle beauty, placed on the ground. In
We thank the guardians of the territory for the guidance for this meeting and
we present our purpose in the vision of the grandparents and grandmothers of the family of
Days of Peace and Dignity since 1992. We embrace on behalf of the human family a
all the forest in this grandfather, who had summoned us through another greater one;
walker of the territory.

We arrived at the moment of the ceremony in which the offering of one of his
arms to this grandfather. Accompanied by local family of Days, Yagan Community
Paykoala, Guaytamari family of Mendoza, thanking the numerous presence of
children and also the young chasky of the Kaweskar family of Punta Arenas Chile.

The ceremony began; calling to the ancestral memory of the millennial fire of these
southern lands; present on its shores and carried by the Yagan people in their canoes.
The women accompanied the children who supported their little hands on the tree;
thanking and initiating the request for permission, the word was woven into an offering; what
there were also the songs to the guardians. And a young Chasky from this land, was
high, the one in charge of completing this task and with the softness of the love that springs up;
the offering was given to the spirit of the forest; to become
carrier of the vision of the eagle.

It was at the previous moment that a herd of seven horses was present with force
and beauty going through the nearby low area, entering the forest; Your presence
It was like a lightning bolt that trotted by.
The time to awaken the spirit of the grandmother Anka was made in front of the altar of grandfather
condor in the hands of sons and daughters of this prophecy of unity of the condor and the eagle,
that we were bequeathed by our elders. Until the moment it was presented
in front of the fire in the Ceremonial Center of Days of Peace and Dignity in the full moon
of May.

Appreciating every understanding that this grandmother has awakened in this territory; with
strength and beauty, honored this family from the south of Abya Yala having raised this
spirit, in the name of Tawantinsuyu, with the guidance of the guardians of this region.
In the spirit of the Days of Peace and Dignity, we share this testimony with the
family from our humble understanding and gratitude to this fabric of life that we
awakens in consciousness and beauty. As was the presence of the children; seeds of the
grandmothers and grandparents

March-June 2018 – Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego
Nidia Alvarado
Member of the Ushuaia Coordination Conference on Peace and Dignity
MarĂ­a Vargas
Paykoala Community

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