This is a list of Items Need for the Kitchen.

We want to make sure we are feeding the Drum groups and the elders.

Food List # 1 —  Bell Peppers:
RED- 10


Oranges: 2 bags
Bananas: 5 batches
Strawberries: 8 cartons
Blueberries: 6 cartons
Grapes: RED-2 cartons worth
GREEN- 2 cartons worth
Watermelon: 6
Cantaloupe: 6
Honeydew: 6


Flour(Bluebird if you can)- 5 20lb bags or equivalent
Bowtie Pasta- One large bag or 5 regular bags
Tri-Color Rotini- One large bag or 5 regular bag
let us know which one of these items you can help with and it doesn’t have to be all so please keep that in mind…

FOOD LIST #4 — Coffee: 2 lg. Canisters
we’ve had a pretty good size donation of coffee donation from Jose Cortez but some of the elders have said it was pretty strong so that’s why i’m asking for something that they normally drink and make a guess and say Folgers medium roast!
We also had a good size donation from Sandra Parker and so we are good on tea!
ICED TEA: 4 regular sized canister or one large one
PowerAde, Gatorade or Kool Aid: 4 reg. canisters or one large
HONEY: any amount



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