Chief Danny John and JR have been working and sleeping up on grounds, Chief Danny John  has been  working by himself these days trying to have things  ready by the first day of Purification.  There are many needs that are going to  be prayed for during this years ceremony… we will be praying about  children being taken away from there parents and the healing that needs to take place , the disrespect of our sacred mother earth and her movement being felt everywhere, earth quakes and eruptions , she is speaking…. do you hear her… the new Peace and Dignity Staff will be presented and direction set down..  and many many other prayers planned.

If you can please get up to the grounds a soon as possible to help…

Donations can be sent to First Laurene (Lavine) online using Zelle from your bank account :

Use email: or her phone number 928-349-7723

They need funds to fix Danny’s  Truck for parts and gas….

If you have a truck they could use it.

Need chain saws and operators…

I will be updating more needs as we get more information…


Chief  (Atl) Al





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