My relatives I pray you and your families are staying safe and healthy as this Pandemic reaches our communities.  We now need  to cover up and avoid public gatherings. As some of you know we were preparing the Peace and Dignity Runners up on the Cahuilla Reservation for 4 days, March 17-20 and in those 4 days the world had changed. We knew that there was a question about how this Virus would affect everyone but we did not did not how much could change in 4 days.  We had taken food from our cupboards and what we could from our freezer to feed the runners. When we got back home and went to the market the shelves were empty and when Danny called to let me know they got home they said the New mexico border was blocked and people were camping out everywhere and that the market shelves were also empty.  I talked to Danny and Laurene today they said they were running sweats and working on the grounds and need to go out and gather wood.  If you can check in on them, keep them in your prayers. If you can send them a little funds it would help. For now they are still planning on holding the Sundance even if only a few show up. 

Health and Happiness to All My Relations,

Chief Atl Gonzales 

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