Peace and Dignity

11 July 2018
We send you a strong energy embrace from Tawantinsuyo! We brought back the regenerated Eagle Staff after a strong and long ceremonial process. The Eagle staff was passed to Abuelo Salvador Reza until we are able to meet with the different northern regions to coordinate planning for the next journey in 2020.
Attached you will find a letter from our brothers of Tawantinsuyo that will explain the process in more detail.
The following is to request your presence to accompany the Eagle staff and other brothers and sisters to transmit the prayers from the Eagle staff at the “Little Big Medicine” Sundance in Wheatfields, Arizona from July 21 to 28, 2018.
After the ceremony in Quito where the Taytas and Maymas presented the Staff before the fire, we will take the New Eagle Staff to the “Little Big Medicine Sun Dance” and ask Chief Danny John to help us transmit the prayers from the Eagle Staff that guided us 7 times from 1992 to 2016 to the new staff. The “Little Big Medicine” Sun Dance was the place where the original Eagle Staff was rested after observing fissures and deterioration on the Staff in 2017. The teachings of the elders say that running with an injured staff can also injure us.
We invite the different Peace and Dignity representatives to participate as possible, not only for the upcoming ceremony, but to plan ceremonies in their respective regions with the New Eagle Staff and other Peace and Dignity staffs to prepare for 2020. In a very special manner we urge you to include the different original nations to be an integral part of this preparation to have the maximum participation and guidance in great part by the original nations themselves for 2020.
Thank you for supporting this prayer.
In Peace and Dignity,

Kitchen List

This is a list of Items Need for the Kitchen.

We want to make sure we are feeding the Drum groups and the elders.

Food List # 1 —  Bell Peppers:
RED- 10


Oranges: 2 bags
Bananas: 5 batches
Strawberries: 8 cartons
Blueberries: 6 cartons
Grapes: RED-2 cartons worth
GREEN- 2 cartons worth
Watermelon: 6
Cantaloupe: 6
Honeydew: 6


Flour(Bluebird if you can)- 5 20lb bags or equivalent
Bowtie Pasta- One large bag or 5 regular bags
Tri-Color Rotini- One large bag or 5 regular bag
let us know which one of these items you can help with and it doesn’t have to be all so please keep that in mind…

FOOD LIST #4 — Coffee: 2 lg. Canisters
we’ve had a pretty good size donation of coffee donation from Jose Cortez but some of the elders have said it was pretty strong so that’s why i’m asking for something that they normally drink and make a guess and say Folgers medium roast!
We also had a good size donation from Sandra Parker and so we are good on tea!
ICED TEA: 4 regular sized canister or one large one
PowerAde, Gatorade or Kool Aid: 4 reg. canisters or one large
HONEY: any amount



Donations Using Zelle

There were questions about using Zelle to donate. You have to have a US Bank account and be able to login and register your bank with Zelle.

You can find your bank mobile app here:

If you already have the bank app on your phone just login and register your phone or email with Zelle to transfer money.

Another  way to register Zelle  on your phone is to download the app onto your phone:



July 21 first day of Purification

Chief Danny John and JR have been working and sleeping up on grounds, Chief Danny John  has been  working by himself these days trying to have things  ready by the first day of Purification.  There are many needs that are going to  be prayed for during this years ceremony… we will be praying about  children being taken away from there parents and the healing that needs to take place , the disrespect of our sacred mother earth and her movement being felt everywhere, earth quakes and eruptions , she is speaking…. do you hear her… the new Peace and Dignity Staff will be presented and direction set down..  and many many other prayers planned.

If you can please get up to the grounds a soon as possible to help…

Donations can be sent to First Laurene (Lavine) online using Zelle from your bank account :

Use email: or her phone number 928-349-7723

They need funds to fix Danny’s  Truck for parts and gas….

If you have a truck they could use it.

Need chain saws and operators…

I will be updating more needs as we get more information…


Chief  (Atl) Al







We have a few reminders about reserving camping spots.

1. Reserved is reserved! There are some areas that are reserved for the purpose of keeping accessibility to the kitchen, lodges and arbor.

2. As of right now there are only about 5 reserved camping spots! Due to the elements there may be wear and cause reserved lines to break, this is why we ask Campers to call and remind us so that we can check on your reserved area. If needed to put your reserve lines back up.

3. Do not rope off large areas unless it is approved by LBM Security, Chief Danny John or First Lady Lavine. We have to share the camp grounds and it is not possible when people are roping off areas more than they need.

4. WE HAVE TO, think of the Elders(70+ and older) and disabled, we have to think of their safety and allow them to Camp close to the Arbor.

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