Winter at Little Big Medicine

All my Relations,

Chief Danny and Laurene are still having to look in the snow for wood to keep warm,  I read there was the first ever Snownado  that touchdown in Navaho  country. My relatives as we get older this cold and heat can get to us.  I image the price of wood has gone up and maybe even scarce. I send what I can to help out, but it is never enough so if you can help donate you can go to a Walmart near you and send a donation it would help during this harsh winter. 

Send to:  Laurene John in New Mexico – text or message Laurene the your name and location of your donation .

Peace and Dignity

Anabel Gutierrez and Sal Reza have been appointed to the Peace and Dignity Council and are working hard to continue the Sacred  Continental Prayer Run.  I have been working on the Peace and Dignity website to help coordinate everyone’s efforts,  please register to keep up to date on how you can help as we prepare for 2020.

The community of ELA is in need of some prayers as there has been a rash of killings by the LA Sheriffs department we are going to run the sacred staffs and pray for a  healing, guidance and  Peace and Dignity between the sheriffs dept and the community of ELA . Please keep us in your prayers.



Weather: Still Snowing

Weather: Still Snowing

Mom says it has been real cold and they need to go out and buy wood, but people are price gauging by doubling the price of the wood and only selling truckloads. They won’t break up loads and sell a little to put in there small vehicle.

If you have a truck and live by LBM they could use the help.

They are out today trying to get wood.

If you can help with a donation still use Walmart for now.

Thanks, Atl

PS: We need to get them a truck.

Winter Chanupa

Winter Chanupa January 19, 2019.   

If you plan on traveling at night be careful, some relatives drive all night and go straight to the Sundance grounds and on the 19th that road may not be drivable. Living in California I watch the weather because I am one of those that leaves Friday evenings to be at LBM in the morning.

I have driven though blizzards and pouring rain knowing that I needed to fulfill my obligation.

If you have a 4 wheel drive and know how to drive then safe travels. If you can drive Friday during the day that would be the best time to travel. We will be meeting at Chief Danny John’s and Laurenes house and determine if the road is passable to go to the grounds.

See you there.

Safe travels,


Winter Chanupa

Winter Chanupa

January 11, 2019 I got a call from First Lady Laurene this evening asking me to convey this message about Winter Chanupa scheduled for next Saturday January 19,2019. The weather is suppose to continue to be bad to travel next Thursday and Friday.

The weather has been stormy and cold with black ice on the roads.  One of her granddaughters got into an accident and totaled her car, she is a little banged up and grandma is taking care of her. It looks like the weather is going to continue to be bad and it will not be safe to travel.

In times like this, Chief Danny John walks into the Sundance Grounds and prays for all of us who could not make it. If you were planning on driving all night to make it to pipe ceremony please don’t, the roads will be too dangerous. Gather with your family’s load and pray with your Chanupas.

Be safe.

Donations always welcomed please send via Walmart to:

Laurene John  – New Mexico –

Then call or text Laurene to let her know your name, which is needed to verify sender.


Atl Gonzales



Donation information:


Funds to Travel to Gathering

My Relatives reminder Fall pipe ceremony Oct. 20th 2018, we would like to thank those that have committed  to helping on a monthly bases and also remind others to help support the Sundance. This month there is a special request if anyone can help support Danny and Laurene come to the Many Winters Gathering of Elders they have informed me they will not be able help with traveling funds.  If you can please donate for there travel expenses as they many Elders will be gathering to share.

Here is the donation information:

We talked about some of us possibly committing to a monthly donation like a $10, $20, $30 dollar a month donation.  There was much said but for now if you can send any donations through  ZELLE   for now use  email to donate.

Thank you in advance,



Support our Medicine People and Elders

This year at Little Big Medicine Sundance we were able to meet and talk about several things that needed to be taken care of and about how we were going to do things from this day forwards.  Chief Danny John and his family worked for months on fixing the arbor and having things ready for everyone to come to the Sundance to have a strong prayer and we all agree that is all our responsibility and we would make an effort to do more work before the next Sundance.

One of the other  things we spoke about is to support Danny and Laurene monetarily that it is getting harder and harder to survive these days without money especially when you live on the Rez (sad but true).

The traditional way of life is under attack, sheep and horses are being confiscated,  fences are have been torn down that use to keep the sheep and and other stock safe and manageable this makes it hard to trade and live the traditional way .

We talked about some of us possibly committing to a monthly donation like a $10, $20, $30 dollar a month donation.  There was much said but for now if you can send any donations please do if you use ZELLE   for now use  email to donate.

Thank you in advance,





There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am

There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am

There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am at Amity Circle Tree Ranch 10500 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85749. The celebration will be at the retreat house area on the grounds. There will be a potluck meal afterwards so please bring something to share. We hope you will be able to attend and celebrate the life of this amazing man who touched the lives of so many people. We look forward to sharing our love for Ron with his family, he will be missed but we know he will be with us always with all our relations.

Family and friends near and far there will be a sweatlodge held for my Dad this Friday, September 14th @ 6:30 pm if you would like to participate. Followed by a memorial service/celebration of life on Saturday, September 15th commencing at 10am. Both will be held at Amity Circle Tree Ranch located at 10,500 E Tanque Verde at the Retreat Center.
We look forward to seeing and meeting you all.

Families of Little Big Medicine

We have created a new group for Little Big Medicine on Facebook. We are now able to continue communicating for the purposes of updates and notices regarding our ceremonial life. Facebook has been able to achieve communication to many of our families and it is necessary to maintain that communication. We would like to continue that communication through a new group that we can administer which had been a problem.
With all respect this group is for informative and sometimes instructional purposes please be inform of your responsibilities.
I, thank you in advance for your input brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers.
I have invited as many LBM family members as I can. Please, help by inviting the whole family to Voices Of Little Big Medicine.

If you do not have Facebook, you will be informed of the important dates and information (Pipe Ceremony and Sun Dance) through

Have a “Beauty Way” new year!!!

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