2020 Sundance

2020 Sundance

The last time I spoke to Danny John was about mid April I can’t remember the exact date. I suggested that we should let people know if the Sundance would be happening or not.  Chief Danny John said that the prayer would continue one way or another either by us gathering at the Little Big Medicine Sundance  grounds perhaps just a  few sundancers or in our homes with our families.

Since then I have not been able to contact Danny John or Laurene. For myself Atl Gonzales and my family we will not be attending this year for the safety of our children, grandchildren and elders. I tried calling this morning June 6th again but got no answer.   Your support is always needed. Those of us who support the John’s financially should continue to show our support. If I reach them and get more information I will post it here.

We carry our Chanunpa’s and prayers in our hearts please continue to pray for guidance, health and happiness in your homes and with your community.

Tiahui Atl

Corona Virus on Dine Reservation

Corona Virus on Dine Reservation

My relatives I pray you and your families are staying safe and healthy as this Pandemic reaches our communities.  We now need  to cover up and avoid public gatherings. As some of you know we were preparing the Peace and Dignity Runners up on the Cahuilla Reservation for 4 days, March 17-20 and in those 4 days the world had changed. We knew that there was a question about how this Virus would affect everyone but we did not did not how much could change in 4 days.  We had taken food from our cupboards and what we could from our freezer to feed the runners. When we got back home and went to the market the shelves were empty and when Danny called to let me know they got home they said the New mexico border was blocked and people were camping out everywhere and that the market shelves were also empty.  I talked to Danny and Laurene today they said they were running sweats and working on the grounds and need to go out and gather wood.  If you can check in on them, keep them in your prayers. If you can send them a little funds it would help. For now they are still planning on holding the Sundance even if only a few show up. 

Health and Happiness to All My Relations,

Chief Atl Gonzales 

A recent news article about Life on the Rez

Spring Chanupa Will be taken Care of by The John Family

Spring Chanupa Will be taken Care of by The John Family

My relatives in these times of confusion, we realize how precious and delicate life is and especially how precious our elders and teachers are. Chief Danny John and First Lady Laurene John along with their grandson Jaynos and Summer came and helped us with the Peace and Dignity Preparation Ceremony. During this time it seems that the world had changed while we were in the 4 day Ceremony March 16-20, 2020 on the Cahuilla Reservation. Thank you all who helped and participated. Because of the current situation, Chief Danny John and family will be taking care of the Chanupa Ceremony on April 4,2020 for all of us. Keep them in your prayers, fill your Chanupa and send a prayer of unity, health and guidance for the world. If you can help they will have to travel and get supply’s for who knows how long.

Love, Health and Happiness, to All Our Relations,

Cheif Atl “Atlachinolli” Gonzales First Lady Cristina Gonzales

Little Big Medicine Fall  Feels like Winter 2020

Little Big Medicine Fall Feels like Winter 2020

Aho my relatives,

Prayers for health and happiness to all my sundance relatives. As we get closer to winter it is already  very cold in Wheatfields

Please check in with Danny and Laurene its cold and isolated in Wheatfields especially in the right now. -14 degrees tonight

Wheatfields, AZ 10-Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Channel _ Weather.com  

Mom and Dad can  always use donations in the Winter to get firewood and supplies.

The truck needs fixing if you can Help  — Zelle (928)349-7723 or Bank Transfer – Walmart

Stay safe and warm.

Sending our love,

Atl and Cristina



NOV 29

Snow/Wind Early
WSW 23 mph 80%
0 of 10
7:07 am
5:02 pm
10:05 am
7:59 pm
Snow and windy conditions this evening giving way to some clearing late. Low 14F. Winds WSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of snow 70%. About one inch of snow expected. Winds could occasionally gust over


Winter at Little Big Medicine

All my Relations,

Chief Danny and Laurene are still having to look in the snow for wood to keep warm,  I read there was the first ever Snownado  that touchdown in Navaho  country. My relatives as we get older this cold and heat can get to us.  I image the price of wood has gone up and maybe even scarce. I send what I can to help out, but it is never enough so if you can help donate you can go to a Walmart near you and send a donation it would help during this harsh winter. 

Send to:  Laurene John in New Mexico – text or message Laurene the your name and location of your donation .

Peace and Dignity

Anabel Gutierrez and Sal Reza have been appointed to the Peace and Dignity Council and are working hard to continue the Sacred  Continental Prayer Run.  I have been working on the Peace and Dignity website to help coordinate everyone’s efforts,  please register to keep up to date on how you can help as we prepare for 2020.  https://www.peaceanddignity.net/

The community of ELA is in need of some prayers as there has been a rash of killings by the LA Sheriffs department we are going to run the sacred staffs and pray for a  healing, guidance and  Peace and Dignity between the sheriffs dept and the community of ELA . Please keep us in your prayers. https://eastsidewarriorspirit.run/



Weather: Still Snowing

Weather: Still Snowing

Mom says it has been real cold and they need to go out and buy wood, but people are price gauging by doubling the price of the wood and only selling truckloads. They won’t break up loads and sell a little to put in there small vehicle.

If you have a truck and live by LBM they could use the help.

They are out today trying to get wood.

If you can help with a donation still use Walmart for now.

Thanks, Atl

PS: We need to get them a truck.

Winter Chanupa

Winter Chanupa January 19, 2019.   

If you plan on traveling at night be careful, some relatives drive all night and go straight to the Sundance grounds and on the 19th that road may not be drivable. Living in California I watch the weather because I am one of those that leaves Friday evenings to be at LBM in the morning.

I have driven though blizzards and pouring rain knowing that I needed to fulfill my obligation.

If you have a 4 wheel drive and know how to drive then safe travels. If you can drive Friday during the day that would be the best time to travel. We will be meeting at Chief Danny John’s and Laurenes house and determine if the road is passable to go to the grounds.

See you there.

Safe travels,


Winter Chanupa

Winter Chanupa

January 11, 2019 I got a call from First Lady Laurene this evening asking me to convey this message about Winter Chanupa scheduled for next Saturday January 19,2019. The weather is suppose to continue to be bad to travel next Thursday and Friday.

The weather has been stormy and cold with black ice on the roads.  One of her granddaughters got into an accident and totaled her car, she is a little banged up and grandma is taking care of her. It looks like the weather is going to continue to be bad and it will not be safe to travel.

In times like this, Chief Danny John walks into the Sundance Grounds and prays for all of us who could not make it. If you were planning on driving all night to make it to pipe ceremony please don’t, the roads will be too dangerous. Gather with your family’s load and pray with your Chanupas.

Be safe.

Donations always welcomed please send via Walmart to:

Laurene John  – New Mexico –

Then call or text Laurene to let her know your name, which is needed to verify sender.


Atl Gonzales



Donation information:




Funds to Travel to Gathering

My Relatives reminder Fall pipe ceremony Oct. 20th 2018, we would like to thank those that have committed  to helping on a monthly bases and also remind others to help support the Sundance. This month there is a special request if anyone can help support Danny and Laurene come to the Many Winters Gathering of Elders they have informed me they will not be able help with traveling funds.  If you can please donate for there travel expenses as they many Elders will be gathering to share.

Here is the donation information:

We talked about some of us possibly committing to a monthly donation like a $10, $20, $30 dollar a month donation.  There was much said but for now if you can send any donations through  ZELLE   for now use danny@littlebigmedicine.org  email to donate.

Thank you in advance,



Support our Medicine People and Elders

This year at Little Big Medicine Sundance we were able to meet and talk about several things that needed to be taken care of and about how we were going to do things from this day forwards.  Chief Danny John and his family worked for months on fixing the arbor and having things ready for everyone to come to the Sundance to have a strong prayer and we all agree that is all our responsibility and we would make an effort to do more work before the next Sundance.

One of the other  things we spoke about is to support Danny and Laurene monetarily that it is getting harder and harder to survive these days without money especially when you live on the Rez (sad but true).

The traditional way of life is under attack, sheep and horses are being confiscated,  fences are have been torn down that use to keep the sheep and and other stock safe and manageable this makes it hard to trade and live the traditional way .

We talked about some of us possibly committing to a monthly donation like a $10, $20, $30 dollar a month donation.  There was much said but for now if you can send any donations please do if you use ZELLE   for now use danny@littlebigmedicine.org  email to donate.

Thank you in advance,





There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am

There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am

There will be a celebration of life for Ronaldo Arvizu Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am at Amity Circle Tree Ranch 10500 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85749. The celebration will be at the retreat house area on the grounds. There will be a potluck meal afterwards so please bring something to share. We hope you will be able to attend and celebrate the life of this amazing man who touched the lives of so many people. We look forward to sharing our love for Ron with his family, he will be missed but we know he will be with us always with all our relations.

Family and friends near and far there will be a sweatlodge held for my Dad this Friday, September 14th @ 6:30 pm if you would like to participate. Followed by a memorial service/celebration of life on Saturday, September 15th commencing at 10am. Both will be held at Amity Circle Tree Ranch located at 10,500 E Tanque Verde at the Retreat Center.
We look forward to seeing and meeting you all.

Families of Little Big Medicine

We have created a new group for Little Big Medicine on Facebook. We are now able to continue communicating for the purposes of updates and notices regarding our ceremonial life. Facebook has been able to achieve communication to many of our families and it is necessary to maintain that communication. We would like to continue that communication through a new group that we can administer which had been a problem.
With all respect this group is for informative and sometimes instructional purposes please be inform of your responsibilities.
I, thank you in advance for your input brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers.
I have invited as many LBM family members as I can. Please, help by inviting the whole family to Voices Of Little Big Medicine.

If you do not have Facebook, you will be informed of the important dates and information (Pipe Ceremony and Sun Dance) through littlebigmedicine.org.

Have a “Beauty Way” new year!!!

Peace and Dignity Letter

Peace and Dignity Letter


Rising of the Spirit of the Eagle
The request for preparation of the ANKA eagle staff came was commissioned by the family of
Anahuac, at the end of February 2018, to the Coordinating Council of the Ruta del Sur. his
The uprising would take place in Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego; where the condor route begins
KUNKUR in every continental ceremony, since the year 2000.

Complementing in this way also the spirit of the prophecy of unity of
Condor and the Eagle; why the Inuit people of Alaska; Many moons have already been delivered
the staff of the condor to Tawantinsuyu.

Assuming this assignment, the Ushuaia coordination of Days of Peace and Dignity,
calls for a first meeting with the Yagan Paykoala Community (men from the beach)
canoe town originating from the southern coasts of the large island of Tierra del Fuego.
Those who suggest will consult a major; knowledgeable about local geography; through its
walk in search of traces of the native peoples of the area, who
He generously offers his knowledge of the area’s forest.

“The lenga generates its soil, its form depends on the environment. In the forest the renovales
they look for the sun, and for the renoval to grow there must be a great one protecting it.
When a large tree falls; self-thinning occurs that allows the growth of
the new generations. The bark of the trunk when young has lines
horizontal, and at maturity vertical lines are made; it’s thick. The size of the
trees do not have to do with age but with their possibilities of growth; in the
search for the sun that its branches make. “

Thus, the invitation to meet a lenga tree located near the city arises
of Ushuaia in the Rio Chico Valley; that could witness the ancestral memory of
these lands in approximately 500 years of life. We started the road then
suggested, to meet the spirit of the forest that had called us. We arrived to
his presence at the foot of the Sphinx hill having traveled a path guarded by
several hills and following the course of the river that leads to the Cascada de los amigos.

A few meters away from this greater spirit, we received hundreds of butterflies
little; white that fluttered with a subtle beauty, placed on the ground. In
We thank the guardians of the territory for the guidance for this meeting and
we present our purpose in the vision of the grandparents and grandmothers of the family of
Days of Peace and Dignity since 1992. We embrace on behalf of the human family a
all the forest in this grandfather, who had summoned us through another greater one;
walker of the territory.

We arrived at the moment of the ceremony in which the offering of one of his
arms to this grandfather. Accompanied by local family of Days, Yagan Community
Paykoala, Guaytamari family of Mendoza, thanking the numerous presence of
children and also the young chasky of the Kaweskar family of Punta Arenas Chile.

The ceremony began; calling to the ancestral memory of the millennial fire of these
southern lands; present on its shores and carried by the Yagan people in their canoes.
The women accompanied the children who supported their little hands on the tree;
thanking and initiating the request for permission, the word was woven into an offering; what
there were also the songs to the guardians. And a young Chasky from this land, was
high, the one in charge of completing this task and with the softness of the love that springs up;
the offering was given to the spirit of the forest; to become
carrier of the vision of the eagle.

It was at the previous moment that a herd of seven horses was present with force
and beauty going through the nearby low area, entering the forest; Your presence
It was like a lightning bolt that trotted by.
The time to awaken the spirit of the grandmother Anka was made in front of the altar of grandfather
condor in the hands of sons and daughters of this prophecy of unity of the condor and the eagle,
that we were bequeathed by our elders. Until the moment it was presented
in front of the fire in the Ceremonial Center of Days of Peace and Dignity in the full moon
of May.

Appreciating every understanding that this grandmother has awakened in this territory; with
strength and beauty, honored this family from the south of Abya Yala having raised this
spirit, in the name of Tawantinsuyu, with the guidance of the guardians of this region.
In the spirit of the Days of Peace and Dignity, we share this testimony with the
family from our humble understanding and gratitude to this fabric of life that we
awakens in consciousness and beauty. As was the presence of the children; seeds of the
grandmothers and grandparents

March-June 2018 – Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego
Nidia Alvarado
Member of the Ushuaia Coordination Conference on Peace and Dignity
María Vargas
Paykoala Community

Peace and Dignity Letter

Peace and Dignity Letter

Levantamiento del Espíritu del Águila
La solicitud de preparación del bastón del águila ANKA, fue encargada por la familia de
la Anáhuac, a fines de febrero de 2018, al Consejo Coordinador de la Ruta del Sur. Su
levantamiento se realizaría en Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego; donde inicia la ruta del cóndor
KUNKUR en cada ceremonia continental, desde el año 2000.

Complementándose también de esta forma el espíritu de la profecía de unidad del
Cóndor y el Águila; por la que el pueblo Inuit de Alaska; hace ya muchas lunas entrego
el bastón del cóndor al Tawantinsuyu.

Asumiendo este encargo, la coordinación Ushuaia de Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad,
convoca a una primera reunión con la Comunidad Yagan Paykoala (hombres de la playa)
pueblo canoero originario de las costas australes de la isla grande de Tierra del Fuego.
Quienes sugieren se consulte a un mayor; conocedor de la geografía local; a través de su
caminar en la búsqueda de huellas de los pueblos nativos de la zona, quien
generosamente ofrece su conocimiento del bosque de la zona.

“La lenga genera su suelo, su forma depende del ambiente. En el bosque los renovales
buscan el sol, y para que el renoval crezca tiene que haber uno grande protegiéndolo.
Cuando cae un árbol grande; se produce un auto raleo que permite el crecimiento de
las nuevas generaciones. La corteza del tronco cuando es joven tiene líneas
horizontales, y en la madurez se hacen líneas verticales; es gruesa. El tamaño de los
arboles no tienen que ver con la edad sino con sus posibilidades de crecimiento; en la
búsqueda del sol que hacen sus ramas.”

Así, surge la invitación a conocer un árbol de lenga ubicado en cercanías de la ciudad
de Ushuaia en el Valle del Rio Chico; que podría testimoniar la memoria ancestral de
estas tierras en aproximadamente 500 años de vida. Emprendimos entonces el camino
sugerido, al encuentro del espíritu mayor del bosque que nos había llamado. Llegamos a
su presencia al pie del cerro Esfinge habiendo transitado un sendero custodiado por
varios cerros y siguiendo el curso del rio que conduce a la Cascada de los amigos.

A pocos metros de este espíritu mayor, nos recibieron centenares de mariposas
pequeñas; blancas que aleteaban con una sutil belleza, apostadas sobre el suelo. En
silencio agradecimos a los guardianes del territorio por la guía para este encuentro y
presentamos nuestro propósito en la visión de los abuelos y abuelas de la familia de
Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad desde 1992. Abrazamos en nombre de la familia humana a
todo el bosque en este abuelo, que nos había convocado a través de otro mayor;
caminante del territorio.

Llegamos al momento de la ceremonia en la que se pediría la ofrenda de uno de sus
brazos a este abuelo. Acompañados de familia local de Jornadas, Comunidad Yagan
Paykoala, familia Guaytamari de Mendoza, agradeciendo la presencia numerosa de
niños y también del joven chasky de la familia Kaweskar de Punta Arenas Chile.

Se inicio la ceremonia; llamando a la memoria ancestral del fuego milenario de estas
tierras australes; presente en sus costas y llevado por el pueblo Yagan en sus canoas.
Las mujeres acompañamos a los niños que apoyaron sus manitos en el árbol;
agradeciendo e iniciando el pedido de permiso, se tejió la palabra en ofrenda; que
también fueron los cantos a los guardianes. Y un joven chasky de esta tierra, fue en lo
alto, el encargado de cumplimentar esta tarea y con la suavidad del amor que brota;
fue entregada la ofrenda pedida al espíritu del bosque; para transformarse en
portadora de la visión del águila.

Fue en el momento previo que una tropilla de siete caballos se hizo presente con fuerza
y belleza pasando por la zona baja cercana, adentrándose en el bosque; su presencia
fue como un rayo veloz que pasó trotando.
El tiempo de despertar el espíritu de la abuela Anka se realizo frente al altar del abuelo
cóndor en las manos de hijos e hijas de esta profecía de unidad del cóndor y el águila,
que nos fuera legada por nuestros mayores. Hasta el momento en que fue presentada
frente al fuego en el Centro ceremonial de Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad en la luna llena
de mayo.

Agradeciendo cada entendimiento que esta abuela ha despertado en este territorio; con
fuerza y belleza, honrada esta familia del sur de Abya Yala de haber levantado este
espíritu, en nombre del Tawantinsuyu, con la guía de los guardianes de esta región.
En el espíritu de Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad, compartimos este testimonio con la
familia desde nuestro humilde entendimiento y gratitud a este tejido de vida que nos
despierta en conciencia y belleza. Como lo fue la presencia de los niños; semillas de las
abuelas y abuelos.

Marzo-Junio 2018 – Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego
Nidia Alvarado
Integrante Coordinación Ushuaia Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad
María Vargas
Comunidad Paykoala

Peace and Dignity

11 July 2018
We send you a strong energy embrace from Tawantinsuyo! We brought back the regenerated Eagle Staff after a strong and long ceremonial process. The Eagle staff was passed to Abuelo Salvador Reza until we are able to meet with the different northern regions to coordinate planning for the next journey in 2020.
Attached you will find a letter from our brothers of Tawantinsuyo that will explain the process in more detail.
The following is to request your presence to accompany the Eagle staff and other brothers and sisters to transmit the prayers from the Eagle staff at the “Little Big Medicine” Sundance in Wheatfields, Arizona from July 21 to 28, 2018.
After the ceremony in Quito where the Taytas and Maymas presented the Staff before the fire, we will take the New Eagle Staff to the “Little Big Medicine Sun Dance” and ask Chief Danny John to help us transmit the prayers from the Eagle Staff that guided us 7 times from 1992 to 2016 to the new staff. The “Little Big Medicine” Sun Dance was the place where the original Eagle Staff was rested after observing fissures and deterioration on the Staff in 2017. The teachings of the elders say that running with an injured staff can also injure us.
We invite the different Peace and Dignity representatives to participate as possible, not only for the upcoming ceremony, but to plan ceremonies in their respective regions with the New Eagle Staff and other Peace and Dignity staffs to prepare for 2020. In a very special manner we urge you to include the different original nations to be an integral part of this preparation to have the maximum participation and guidance in great part by the original nations themselves for 2020.
Thank you for supporting this prayer.
In Peace and Dignity,

Kitchen List

This is a list of Items Need for the Kitchen.

We want to make sure we are feeding the Drum groups and the elders.

Food List # 1 —  Bell Peppers:
RED- 10


Oranges: 2 bags
Bananas: 5 batches
Strawberries: 8 cartons
Blueberries: 6 cartons
Grapes: RED-2 cartons worth
GREEN- 2 cartons worth
Watermelon: 6
Cantaloupe: 6
Honeydew: 6


Flour(Bluebird if you can)- 5 20lb bags or equivalent
Bowtie Pasta- One large bag or 5 regular bags
Tri-Color Rotini- One large bag or 5 regular bag
let us know which one of these items you can help with and it doesn’t have to be all so please keep that in mind…

FOOD LIST #4 — Coffee: 2 lg. Canisters
we’ve had a pretty good size donation of coffee donation from Jose Cortez but some of the elders have said it was pretty strong so that’s why i’m asking for something that they normally drink and make a guess and say Folgers medium roast!
We also had a good size donation from Sandra Parker and so we are good on tea!
ICED TEA: 4 regular sized canister or one large one
PowerAde, Gatorade or Kool Aid: 4 reg. canisters or one large
HONEY: any amount



Donations Using Zelle

There were questions about using Zelle to donate. You have to have a US Bank account and be able to login and register your bank with Zelle.

You can find your bank mobile app here: https://www.zellepay.com/get-started

If you already have the bank app on your phone just login and register your phone or email with Zelle to transfer money.

Another  way to register Zelle  on your phone is to download the app onto your phone: https://www.zellepay.com/go/zelle



July 21 first day of Purification

Chief Danny John and JR have been working and sleeping up on grounds, Chief Danny John  has been  working by himself these days trying to have things  ready by the first day of Purification.  There are many needs that are going to  be prayed for during this years ceremony… we will be praying about  children being taken away from there parents and the healing that needs to take place , the disrespect of our sacred mother earth and her movement being felt everywhere, earth quakes and eruptions , she is speaking…. do you hear her… the new Peace and Dignity Staff will be presented and direction set down..  and many many other prayers planned.

If you can please get up to the grounds a soon as possible to help…

Donations can be sent to First Laurene (Lavine) online using Zelle from your bank account :

Use email: laurenejohn@littlebigmedicine.org or her phone number 928-349-7723

They need funds to fix Danny’s  Truck for parts and gas….

If you have a truck they could use it.

Need chain saws and operators…

I will be updating more needs as we get more information…


Chief  (Atl) Al







We have a few reminders about reserving camping spots.

1. Reserved is reserved! There are some areas that are reserved for the purpose of keeping accessibility to the kitchen, lodges and arbor.

2. As of right now there are only about 5 reserved camping spots! Due to the elements there may be wear and cause reserved lines to break, this is why we ask Campers to call and remind us so that we can check on your reserved area. If needed to put your reserve lines back up.

3. Do not rope off large areas unless it is approved by LBM Security, Chief Danny John or First Lady Lavine. We have to share the camp grounds and it is not possible when people are roping off areas more than they need.

4. WE HAVE TO, think of the Elders(70+ and older) and disabled, we have to think of their safety and allow them to Camp close to the Arbor.

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